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Just let me know what you want to do, see, or eat in Japan : I will organize and plan a trip that showcases the country in ways that most visitors never see.

As a Government licensed English speaking guide and certified tour operator, Kaori Mizoguchi Sasho has planned, and arranged tours for groups and individuals from Hokkaido to Kyushu, each according to the clients’ needs and interests.
佐生(溝口)かおり 通訳案内士/旅行サービス手配業者

Kaori’s partners

Sandy Lydon, professor emeritus at Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, CA has been Kaori’s tour partner, client, and long time friend.  The photo shows him with his wife Annie.

Kaori visited Nicole at Pacific Harbor Travel, Inc., in Santa Cruz, California.  Linda, the owner, Nicole, and Kaori have worked on organizing tours to Japan.

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Previous Tours

Lydon-Mizoguchi Adventure is a tour organized and led by Sandy Lydon, professor emeritus of Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, CA. Kaori helps him as a local coordinator to plan the trip, and then acts as guide once the group arrives in Japan.

Lydon-Mizoguchi Adventure is unique in many ways. “This is a hand-crafted trip exploring rarely-visited parts of Japan, with a group of motivated, prepared, sensitive and like-minded adults” (Sandy Lydon, Sandy’s Coastal Secrets).

Sandy feels a special tie to the Minamiboso area in Chiba. It is partly because of the historical connection between the Monterey Bay region and the Minamiboso area, where some of the ancestors of Japanese Americans in the Monterey area originally came from; but also he feels genuinely welcomed by its friendly locals, natural beauty, and rustic simplicity. Even though it’s just a one-hour drive from Tokyo Haneda Airport, the area has rarely been visited by foreign tourists. Therefore, the area has been “a new discovery” for many travelers who join the Lydon Mizoguchi Adventure tour. After exploring Minamiboso, the tour travels to other parts of Japan, following various themes that allow travelers to experience “deep Japan”.


「これは、意欲があり、心構えができており、感性豊かで、志を同じくする大人のための、いまだ外国人観光客が訪れることの少ない地域を探求する、手作りのツアーなのです」(ライドン教授のサイトSandy’s Coastal Secretsより)。



This group visited Yamadera in Yamagata Prefecture, a tour based on the poet Matsuo Basho and his book “Narrow Road to the Interior”.

These visitors to Minamiboso were able to experience the theme of “a rural area of Japan” and enjoyed meeting with the locals.