Sabine Gathering “French Diet” 1/27

January 27 (Sat) at English Club Sabine (700-2 Hojo, Core Bldg. 2F, Tateyama City).
Talk from 7pm, party from 8:30pm.
Talk by the speakers and then followed by a party to meet people.
Guest speakers : Fabien Flament & Michiko Sano.
Fabien is originally from Arras, France, and now lives in Tateyama with his wife Michiko. He has worked as a chef for 14 years in France, London, and Tokyo. Michiko has lived in London, France and Tokyo but is now back at her hometown of Tateyama, and works as a freelance graphic designer.
The speech will be in French, Japanese, with possibly some English.
Fabien has offered to cook something for the party, so look forward to it!

Fee : ¥500 for the talk, ¥1500 for the party (¥100/¥500 for high school students)

For reservation / more info, contact English Club Sabine 0470(23)3394