English Club Sabine Christmas Open House 12/16

December 16 (Sat) from 7:30pm at English Club Sabine (Core Bldg. 2F, 700-2 Hojo, Tateyama City).
English Club Sabine hosts its traditional Christmas Open House with live music and dance!
Musicians include Orquesta Sabine Salsa Band and Grasshoppers (plays the Beatles).
Enjoy their great live music, dance, meet people, have fun with some games and win prizes!
The party is pot luck style. Bring something to eat or drink to share.
No reservation needed. Just stop by.
For more info, contact English Club Sabine 0470-23-3394 kaori@sabine.jp

MJG New Year Live concert 1/13

January 13 (Sat) from 6:30pm at Hachi no eki Hifumi Apiary (515 Yawata, Tateyama-city). Admission : ¥1,000.
MJG (Musee des Jeunes Gens) studio, where Yoshiki Hayahsi, the member of X-Japan used to play, will be open this day from 3pm.
The concert features Mei Fumitsuki (Vo. & guitar), Daigo Matsunaga (guitar), and Grasshoppers (plays the Beatles).
For more info, contact Hachi no eki Hifumi Apiary 0120-123-832

Yoshi Saito live concert 12/23

December 23 (Sat) from 8:30pm at Kazekumo (817 Hiroba, Kamogawa-city). Admission : ¥4000 (includes one drink). Musicians : Yoji Saito (vo. & g), Takeshi Fukazawa (harmonica), Yukio Taniguchi (bass). For more info, contact Sugiyama-san after 9pm 090-8812-7748

Hachi no eki Christmas Concert 12/17

December 17 (Sun) from 1:30pm at Hachi no eki Hifumi Apiary (515 Yawata, Tateyama-city). Admission : ¥2,000.
Musicians : Keiko Kurihara (soprano), Yoshikazu Kurihara (Baritone), Hiromi Okabe (piano). For more info, contact Hachi no eki Hifumi Apiary 0120-123-832

Ear End Tanokuro market 12/25 – 29

from December 25 (Mon) to 29 (Fri) at Tanokuro Village (Kawato, Chikura-machi, Minamiboso City). Open from 9am to 3pm. Sale of traditional New Year necessities, ornaments and agricultural products.
For more info, contact Kawahara-san 090-5307-1830

Japan Switzerland Cultural Exchange Exhibition until 1/8/’18

until January 8 2018 at Kanaya Art Museum (2146-1 Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba)
Open from 10am to 5pm, closed on Wednesday, and from December 26 to January 1.
Admission : ¥800 for adults, ¥500 for junior and senior high school students, free for younger children.

Contemporary art works by Swiss artists ChrisPierre Labusch and Georges Wenger, together his Akihiko Iwanami and Yuko Tsuda.

For more info, contact Kanaya Art Museum 0439-69-8111

Tateyama City disposal charges to be revised 4/1/17

In order to maintain the public facilities and quality of administrative services, garbage disposal charge of Tateyama City will be changed from April, 2017.

As a part of the above, sizes and prices of designated garbage bags for burnable garbage will be revised as follows:

Size / Current price / Revised price
45L / ¥500 / ¥600
30L / N/A / ¥400
15L / N/A / ¥200
20L / ¥300 / N/A
10L / ¥200 / N/A
The prices are for a package (10 bags).

Please refer to November 1st issue of Dandan Tateyama (page 3) for more details and other disposal charges.