FIT : Kyoto gardens and Maiko world : April 2019

Focus : private gardens, Maiko world (Geisha apprentices), and Kimono.

Traveler : Chamber of Commerce executive from LA

Transportation : local trains and buses, taxi.

Itinerary : 4/9 travel from Osaka International Airport to Kyoto, Maiko experience, Nishiki market 4/10 stroll around Kawaramachi, see a Miyako Odori Maiko show, Murin-an garden 4/11 Nishijin Textile Center for Kimono dressing, Mitsui Family Villa, Shimogamo Shrine, Seiryu-den Garden for cherry blossoms and views of the city 4/12 Kyoto Museum of Modern Art, travel to Osaka to join an additional TAUCK Tour

Her comment : “The TAUCK trip was very good but our personal tour was absolutely the very best. When I think of returning to Japan; it would be to travel with you again to Kyoto and stay at the Tawaraya!”