経験豊かなネイティブおよびバイリンガル講師が指導します。 無料体験レッスン受付中です。

English Club Sabine devotes itself to English language education for communication. At both Tateyama and Kyonan schools, we have about 70 students in total. Our experienced and qualified staff provide lively and friendly lessons for groups and individuals. Anybody interested is welcome to try and join a class for free of charge.

コーヒーサロン Coffee Salon


Coffee Salon is a “free talk” hour with Sabine instructors in English and is open to anybody who wants to experience communication in English.  The schedule will be announced periodically on our website.

翻訳・通訳業務 Translation & English guide


English ⇔ 日本語



We translate your papers, documents and texts to and from English. Contact us for details to kaori@sabine.jp

Kaori is a certified English guide and has experience of taking groups from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Consult us regarding your visit to Minamiboso area, and depending on your request, we can advise, plan your trips and guide around the area for you.


モントレー交流 Monterey Minamiboso Relationship


It was 1897 when two brothers from Minamiboso, Gennosuke and Nakajiro Kodani, crossed the Pacific and started abalone diving business in Point Lobos, Monterey, California. While Gennosuke stayed in Monterey to his death, Nakajiro came back to Japan and supported his brother’s business in Monterey by sending skilled divers from Japan. The connection was once broken by WWII, but was reunited when a historian from Monterey area visited Minamiboso for his research in 1995. Since then, Kodani’s descendants, researchers and people around them have been involved in the special relationship between the two regions.