Charms of Minamiboso (30) Kajika Bridge

(30) かじか橋

This tiny bridge is the only suspension bridge in Minamiboso and lies amidst the quiet countryside of the Masuma area. Follow the narrow paved road along the little stream and you will find a small temple called Sawayama Fudo, with the charming bridge situated in front. Going down to the river, the presence of Shimenawa or sacred straw rope indicates that practitioners used to train here under the waterfall. In a month’s time, this will be a spot to see the autumn foliage.


Charms of Minamiboso (29) Oyama Fudo

(29) 大山不動

Up on the hill of Oyama area, Kamogawa City, Oyama Fudo gives a great view looking down the beautiful rice fields and houses below. The Temple once belonged to Tendai sect, was connected to Shintoism and animism, and flourished as a training center for monks. The dragon carvings in Fudo Hall are by Nami no Ihachi, the local artisan from the Edo period, and are designated as an cultural asset by Chiba Prefecture. It can be a nice place to visit in an autumn afternoon.


Charms of Minamiboso (28) Haraoka Beach

(28) 原岡海岸

Haraoka Beach is one of those photogenic spots that suddenly became famous through social networking sites. Local people were amazed when the old wooden pier protruding from the beach started attracting tourists. Enjoy a walk on the beach at sunset when the lights on the pier are lit. On a clear day you can even see the silhouette of Mt. Fuji on the horizon. You might be surprised by the crowd of photographers aiming for the best shot!


Charms of Minamiboso (27) Akayama Tunnel Site

(27) 赤山地下壕跡

August 15th 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the end of WWII. During the war, Boso Peninsula was a part of the Tokyo Bay Fortress protecting the capital, and Akayama tunnel was part of the defense network in Tateyama. In total 2km of tunnel is thought to have been built just before the end of the war, and a command center, a hospital, a power plant, and other military facilities were situated inside. It will be an important memorial site this summer.


Charms of Minamiboso (26) Shirahama Kaiyo Museum

(26) Shirahama Kaiyo Museum


This privately run art museum at the bottom of the Nojimazaki Lighthouse in Shirahama is a treasure box full of artifacts from the traditional fisherman’s life on the Boso Peninsula. Among them, the museum is most known for their Maiwai jacket collection. They have over 100 of these celebratory jackets, which used to be given by boat owners to crew members at the end of the big catch year. Their dynamic design featuring beautiful bright colors is really eye-catching.