Charms of Minamiboso (23) Nago-ji temple

Nago-ji Temple in Tateyama, one of the oldest temples in Chiba, celebrated its 1300th anniversary in 2017. The main building today is the vermillion colored Kannondo Hall built in 1758. It houses the principal image of the Thousand Armed Goddess of Mercy, thought to be constructed in the late Heian period. In addition, the stunning dragon carvings near the fanlight catch your eye. Behind the buildings is a nice path that takes you to the top of the hill.



Charms of Minamiboso (22) Nagisa no Eki

Once a prefectural museum of maritime folklore, the facility is now a commercial complex popular with tourists. Go up to the deck for a great view of Tateyama Bay, and have lunch at the restaurant. You can do some shopping at the farmer’s market, then learn about local fish at the small aquarium. The facility also preserves a part of the exhibit from the prefectural museum, where you can learn about the fishing community that flourished in the past.


Charms of Minamiboso (21) The flower fields of Shiramazu

The frost-free areas of Minamiboso allow flowers to bloom much earlier than in other parts of the Kanto area, thus attracting people who enjoy the early spring. The patches of bright color against the blue ocean are extremely picturesque. However, the violent typhoon that hit the area last September caused many flower farmers to give up growing flowers this spring. If you want to see this beautiful scenery again next year, you can always support them by visiting the area.


Charms of Minamiboso (20) Seicho-ji Temple


With a history dating back 1200 years, this temple is most known as the place where the priest Nichiren, the founder of the Nichiren sect, was trained in the 13th century. The grand main temple and the forest that surrounds the property create a solemn atmosphere. It is also one of the largest in the Minamiboso area. This is an ideal spot to watch the first sunrise of the year, or for “Hatsumode” – a time to visit and pray for happiness in the new year.


Charms of Minamiboso (19) Hojo Beach


A few minutes walk from JR Tateyama station West exit takes you to Hojo Beach. Besides being popular for marine sports, such as wind surfing and SUP; the beach is a well known “photogenic” spot, with palm trees contrasting against a blue summer sky, Mt. Fuji with it’s snow cap on a crisp clear winter morning, or the gorgeous vermillion sunset over the horizon. The bay is called Kagamiga-ura, or Mirror Bay, in reference to its calm nature.