Charms of Minamiboso (6) Komatsu-ji Temple


People in Japan love autumn leaves as well as cherry blossoms. Komatsu-ji temple in Chikura-cho, Minamiboso City, is known as the “maple temple” in Minamiboso. Established in the 8th century, it once flourished as a training facility for Buddhist monks. Today’s building is said to be built in around 1855. In late November, this usually quiet temple in the secluded country side becomes busy with visitors, who come to enjoy the autumn colors of maples, gingkos, and other trees in the precinct. Let’s hope that the damage by this year’s typhoons wasn’t too serious at Komatsu-ji.



10/30〜11/1 お休みです。


Charms of Minamiboso (5) Oyama Terraced Rice Paddies


Since olden times, Japanese farmers have cultivated any available land for rice. Terraced rice paddies are the result of their continued effort. The ones at Oyama are the closest to Tokyo, and the local residents employed a unique way to conserve the beautiful scenery. Every year, members of the “Tanada Club”, who have fallen in love with the natural beauty, come from the cities to experience rice cultivation. Don’t forget your camera : the fields are breathtakingly beautiful at any time of the year.


【こぼれ話】 以前、カリフォルニアからのお客様をお連れしました。とても喜んでいただき、次回もぜひあの棚田に行きたい、と、リクエストをいただきました。何度、いつ訪れても、本当に心癒される、日本にいてよかった、と思える場所です。大山のみならず、気がつくと、南房総には、まだあちこちに棚田が見られます。そんな風景が、今後、労働力不足やメガソーラーの開発で、消えていきませんように!

Sabine Gathering 10/20


International House Griffin & Sabine 126th Gathering

Uganda Support Project「ウガンダ支援交流」
talk by Satomi Kawabe and delegates

October 20 (Sat.) talk from 7:00p.m., party from 8:30p.m.
Fee : ¥500 for the talk, ¥1500 for the party (¥100/¥500 for high school students)
トーク¥500¥、パーティ1500 (高校生以下はそれぞれ¥100/¥500)
at English Club Sabine 英会話クラブサビーネにて(館山市北条700-2 コアビル2F)

Uganda Support Project started 24 years ago, by students at Awa Minami High School (today’s Awa High School).
We invite the three delegates who visited Uganda this summer and hear about the project’s present and future.

The speech will be in Japanese with English translation.

Now recruiting an English language instructor!

We are now looking for an English language instructor who can work part time at Tateyama school, preferably a native speaker of English with some language teaching experience, as we also want to ask you to proofread our English texts.

It is a part time position, and the work schedule will be irregular, 20 to 30 hours a month, ranging from Monday mornings to Saturday evenings.
There will be some Sundays (a few times a year) when you are asked to attend special events (e.g. Halloween party and School performance).
Classes are in small groups, and the students’ age range from 5 year olds to late 70s.

We are a well-established English language school in the area, and celebrated 23rd anniversary this April. Many of our young students have chosen their professions using language skills, or adults students keep studying English with us as their life-long pursuit. We take pride in what we do.

If you are interested in working with us, feel free to contact us at / 0470(23)3394.