Happy New year from Monterey!


Akemashite omedeto gozaimasu to all our good friends in Tateyama. We have had a very nice Christmas holiday. Both Ben and David were home with us, the weather was good, and we had a nice Christmas dinner with friends. Santa was very good to us and we hope he visited our Tateyama friends too. Tonight we will celebrate the coming year by having dinner at a Thai restaurant with some friends. Many Americans have large parties on New Year’s Eve. We prefer a smaller gathering with good friends, like the parties our Tateyama friends had for us. Ben is having a very good time teaching, but he has one boy who talks all day long, constantly, and will not be quiet! We think maybe he should go to school in Japan to learn how to behave in the classroom. David starts a program to learn teaching in July and should be done in a year. Maybe he can find a job then, but many schools are releasing teachers because of the bad economy in the state. We are still doing household projects at home and at Ben’s house. Nancy goes to school one day a week and Robert is helping in the operating room. We think of Japan and our tomodachi every day. One of our favorite things is to tell people about Japan and about our friends. We get very excited doing this and our friends here say, “Boy, you two sure love Japan!” and we have to agree with them. We wish we could be with you to visit the shrines and ask blessings for a good new year. We will have to do this in spirit with you, so please imagine that we are with you because we are with you in spirit. We hope you are all well and happy in beautiful Tateyama.

Robert and Nancy Ley