Sabine Gathering 6/22

International House Griffin & Sabine 115th Gathering

My Job as a Travel Writer「旅行ライターのお仕事」 
By Tomoyuki Kusaka スピーカー:日下智幸氏
June 22 (Sat.) talk from 7:00p.m., party from 8:30p.m.
Fee : ¥500 for the talk, ¥1500 for the party (¥100/¥500 for high school students)

After working for a general trading company in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tomoyuki has visited over 80 countries as a travel writer, taking pictures and writing about his experiences. He moved to Tateyama with his family in 2011. 大阪出身。総合商社でのブラジル・サンパウロ勤務などを経て旅行ライターへと転身。雑誌、ガイドブック、ウェブ等の原稿執筆・撮影を手掛ける。これまでに訪れた国は80カ国以上。2011年に家族で館山に移住。

Please make a reservation. The speech will be in Japanese with English translation as needed.