Lydon Tour 07 堂本知事からのメッセージ









千葉県知事 堂本暁子

Welcome Message

On behalf of the six-million citizens of Chiba Prefecture, I would like to extend a heartfelt welcome to Sandy Lydon, Historian Emeritus and twenty-six of our friends from the State of California. Minamiboso is a popular resort spot in the metropolitan area, known for being blessed with a warm climate, beautiful oceans, mountains, rich nature and delicious food. We truly hope you enjoy your stay here.

When Gennosuke Kodani, a native of Chiba Prefecture, first stepped foot onto Monterey soil 110 years ago in 1897, the curtains to a long and deep history, connected by abalone, between the two lands were opened. The deep trust and friendship that formed between the fishermen and the locals allowed them to overcome the many initial hardships they faced in a new land.

With much dismay, the exchange between the Monterey Bay Region and Minamiboso was split as a consequence of World War II; however, the link between the two regions never extinguished. This year, we are able to welcome many of our friends from California to Chiba again. I am delighted at the expansion and increasing depth of our exchange.

Today, our world is becoming more close-knit thanks to developments in international transportation networks and information-communication technology. Our everyday lives are also experiencing increased internationalization in a variety of fields. I expect that people will be able to overcome various issues due to differing languages and culture and will be able to act and think on a global scale. But as globalization continues to progress, we must also maintain a view of localization – cherishing the history and culture of our own communities. I believe that the exchange between Minamiboso and the Monterey Bay Region, which supports the people’s love for the community, is a distinguished model of grassroots level international exchange.

Citizens of Minamiboso, children from our welcoming chorus, and friends from Monterey, it is my hope that today, at the premier of メAma no Hanashi,モ you are able to spend quality time with each other and deepen the exchange that we have cultivated thus far. And I hope that future generations will continue to cross the bridge that connects the 6000 miles that lie between Minamiboso and Monterey and further our exchange.

May 13, 2007

Akiko Domoto
Governor of Chiba Prefecture